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Seasonal Promotion – Advertising

Seasonal promotion offers an opportunity to get your brand out there for the masses. It can be important to recognize the significance of online advertising and boosting your seasonal promotions to drive organic seasonal traffic to your website to gain leads and conversions.

In advertising, the goal is to get your brand out there and reach as many people as possible. Having said that, people like to see relevant ads. This means they are more likely to read your ad or at least look at it when it is relatable to their lives and activities.

Frankenstein holding grape soda - sample seasonal promotion ad For example, a person headed to a Halloween party checks their Facebook feed and notices an ad for a new grape flavored pop.  They may just pass over it, but an ad with a Frankenstein character holding the new grape flavored pop catches your attention and immediately increases the chances of the cola company making a connection and ultimately a sale.

You may even share a screenshot with your friends, add the picture to a social site, or comment on it on social media.  The cola company now benefits from viral promotions and word of mouth advertising – the best kind of promotion.


seasonal promotion matters– Advertising during peak seasons like Christmas, New Year and Halloween could gain you serious traffic if done properly –

Plan Ahead

schedule your seasonal promotionThere needs to be urgency when performing online advertising for your seasonal traffic.  Seasonal promotions need to go out at least three months in advance, to give people more opportunities to shop your brand.

Some industries, such as contractors and the summer sports industry, have a slow season in the winter.  These falsely assume they should not promote during this season.  When we are talking about online promotion, this can be a key time to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Since SEO is a gradual increase of online presence and rankings, it is actually vital to build this up during the “off-months” so that you are ahead of your competition when Spring breaks.

By improving your website quality score, coding, general marketing, branding and social media in the winter, you will be perfectly poised to take advantage of additional marketing tactics such as PPC (Pay Per Click) which will generate immediate leads for your business.  The competition will just be getting started while you have already sped off down the track.

race companies in seasonal promotionDo not fall behind, but become a game changer and drive organic leads to your brand.

Use Social Media for Seasonal Promos

use social media for seasonal promotionsUsing social media sites for some of your seasonal promotions could be a game changer.

With millions of users on these sites, your seasonal promotions atop your follower’s shares can extend the reach of your promotions and get you seen by more than ten million viewers in no time.

Daily postings to social media sites with relevant content and seasonal appropriate can increase shares and ads going “viral”.

Some of the best postings are non-commercial in nature, just a heart felt message from the staff, an inspirational or motivational quote, amusing posts with funny pics, amazing facts or stories.  These are great for increasing fan growth and followers.

Add in a coupon or special offer that gets people to opt-in to your mailing list, to increase email acquisition and increase your audience for ongoing promotions.

Seasonal traffic is most likely the best marketing you can get for your brand awareness, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Seasonal Marketing Ideas

Seasonal promotions can include special offers for Fall, Summer, etc.  Discounts or limited edition items can be tied to an event during the year such as Christmas, Easter or seasonal Festivals.

Here are some samples:

seasonal promotion - coupon advertisement example

winter savings sample seasonal promotion advertisement

October discount - example seasonal promotion coupon

Oktoberfest coupon - seasonal promotion example

easter coupon - seasonal promotion exampleCreate your own ideas then put them up on your website and social media.  Let us know if you need help.

Reward Faithfulness and Loyalty

reward customers - seasonal promotion example There is a saying that it is easier and cheaper to keep an existing customer than to try to convert a new one. With that being said, rewarding loyal customers to your brand is important. Offering VIP services and coupons, free shipping and other offers, not given to other customers, will show them you care about their business.

– You can apply this advice to both online and traditional promotion –

Keep an eye on advertising around you this holiday season, and you will see this advice in action wherever you are; on the bus, at the mall, in your Facebook feed, or in your Google searches. In fact, seasonal promotion is one of the top contributors to the success of online advertising such as Google Adwords and other Pay Per Click services.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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