Why do you have a website? What’s its purpose?

There are 2 types of websites with 2 very different purposes.

  1. One is an information site, a site with the sole purpose of informing the public about certain products or general information. An example of that is Wikipedia where they aren’t selling you anything and only supplying the information that you searched for. Some blogs actually do this too, but most blogs nowadays monetize them (have links that if selected will make them some kind of money)
  2. The other is the standard business site where a business puts up their sites in the hopes of someone finding it and contacting them for their services or goods.

Most businesses fall into category 2, they put their website up and expect to get leads from it, but sadly that is not what happens in most cases. The website is created or they ask a company to build it and once launched they patiently wait for traffic to come to their site but are disappointed, when nothing much happens.

Most businesses use their websites as an online business card, or to tell people to go there to see their products, testimonials or work portfolios etc. When asked what they would like to happen with their website – the answers are very different than what is actually happening with their site:

They want to have:

  1. More people to call the business
  2. Sales from the site
  3. Leads from their site
  4. Interaction – survey answered, forms filled out etc.

When someone lands on their site they want them to take a specific action whether it’s a call or email or an online order (sale). The average business wants some very specific action to take place on their site.

If you are a lawyer, you could be the absolute best lawyer in the entire Toronto City region, but if your website doesn’t have a) the right look and functionality, b) the right message, and c) the right results in the search engines. Let’s face it: your phone is not going to ring.

No matter what business you’re in, dental, plumbing, law, e-commerce, offline stores or any other kind of business most if not all businesses want the phone ringing all day long! You want orders piling up and you want be doing a lot of business with your customers.

So how does Web Design come into all this?

Today, with a website it is not the same as when the internet first started. “If you build it they will come” does not work like it used to. Now its “if you build it they will not come” unless you actively do something.

What is that something? Think of your website as another salesperson. If you completely ignore your salesperson, they usually don’t do well, they have to be maintained (communicated to, given quotas, trained, given product knowledge etc.) same with your website it has to be maintained and setup properly.

That’s where we come in. Web design in Toronto is quite large and there are many companies vying for your business. It’s not enough to just make an attractive site, it must be functional and move the customer through the site, and lead them to take some desired action.

Website design is not just getting a good domain name and hosting company. Getting the proper keyword research done is important and we do that too. But it’s only part of web design picture.

We always build websites that:

  1. Have good design balance and is something you are proud of and portrays your company professionally.
  2. Your potential client can find.
  3. Answers all the questions and concerns that your potential client might need to be answered before they take the desired action.
  4. Will set you apart from the pack by showing the benefits of giving you their business.

We are experts in web design and managing our clients’ online presence. That’s what we do! Let us present your company in the best possible way so that the customers who are looking for you and your services find you quickly.

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