seo-top-googleA Search Engine scans for particular keywords and finds them on the various documents on the internet. It then provides a list of websites where the keywords were found.

Various companies offer this service including Bing, Yahoo and Google. 80% of all internet searches are done through Google so we gear our SEO towards you getting ranked in their search engine. They have created programs to sort out which sites will show up closer to the top of the list vs the bottom of the list, or in many cases, not on the list at all.

Toronto SEO is now extremely competitive and you must enhance the effectiveness of your site and use it to its best advantage, you need to set up your website not only to meet Google’s specifications, but to attract and compel prospects to acquire your business services.

A simple fist step is take our Free Website Analysis!

Website Optimization TIPS:


Put your company on the internet and make your website easy to find.


Meet the search engine technical requirements to show up on Page 1 of your search terms.


Get the visitors you want, the ones already searching for your type of business.


Design your website to convert visitors into actual prospects and clients. Don’t let them just bounce off the site.

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