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good lawn sign


  • One standard color
  • Two sided print
  • Metal frame
  • Size 24” wide X 20” high
  • Biodegradable Plastic (Environmentally Friendly)

-Economical, Simple and Effective-

better lawn sign


  • Full color
  • Two sided print
  • Metal frame
  • Size 24” wide X 16” high
  • Biodegradable Plastic (Environmentally Friendly)

-Attractive, Colorful and Resistant-

best lawn sign


  • Full Color
  • Two sided
  • Extra thick metal frame ¼” thick
  • Size 32” wide X 22” high
  • Biodegradable Plastic (Environmentally Friendly)

-Visually Compelling and Durable-

Biodegradable Lawn Signs

  • Only company in Canada offering environmentally friendly lawn signs
  • Biodegradable plastic
  • Safeguard Mother Nature

Lawn Signs by Material


Also known as Poly Bag or simply Bag yard signs are a popular choice due to their low cost. Light, flexible, earth-friendly signs


Also called Corrugated Plastic yard signs, can be more rigid and offer a stronger look than plastic signs. They are still easy to transport


Cardboard signs are enhanced by a protective coating. This offers a stronger look and resistance against the elements


Also known as Crezon signs. Wood is the strongest material used for lawn and yard signs. Virtually immune to wind and the elements

Lawn and Yard Signs Services

Professional Design

Our professional designers are experienced on creating attractive signs. Our design will make best use of space given your chosen sign size, promote your business, transmit the right message and build your brand

Quality Printing

Our high quality printers will ensure your sign is looking sharp. Does not matter how many colors you choose: one, two, three or full color. We always deliver on crisp resolution for your lawn signs!

Fast Shipping 

We understand you are busy running your business and you want your signs delivered safely and on time. We make sure your signs are properly packaged and carefully shipped to your location. Over the years we have successfully delivered across Canada and the US

What Our Clients Are Saying?

  • I recommend Avenue Road Advertising

    I have used Avenue Road Advertising for the past five years for my promotional needs; lawn signs, magnetic signs for my van, branded invoices, business cards, branded letterheads and more. Everything at ARA is first class, from the staff to the final products. I am in the carpet cleaning business, so visibility as well as promoting my business to clients must be second to none, Hence the reason I recommend Avenue Road Advertising.

    Garvin Pierre Healthy Home Carpet Care, Owner.
  • Job Signs Work

    At first I didn't believe it would work. You brought me kicking and screaming, but I am glad you did. Job signs work and they complete my overall marketing puzzle. The signs build awareness and drive prospects to find us in the yellow pages. These signs make the phone ring...Period.

  • Thank you for the awesome job

    We have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to any interested future customer. Thank you for the awesome job done, and the enhancement of our company. Sincerely,

    Darren Asselstine Daza Roofing
  • The best design and Coloration

    I just saw the signs for All Season's Roofing, and they are fantastic! The best design and coloration of any of the contractor's sign requests I've sent to your company. Great work and thank you and Louie very much.

    Jay Smith GAF Rep
What should my lawn sign say? - OR - What to include in my lawn sign?

Keep your message simple

Designing your sign for maximum impact and minimum clutter is vital for job site signs. Most potential leads are people driving by with only seconds to get your message and retain the company name in their minds. Listing too many points on the sign, such as “Free Estimates”, multiple services, two telephone numbers, etc; detracts from the main message. A sign is not a flyer.

Should I use a lawn sign on a job site? - OR - What are the benefits of using lawn signs on a job site?

 Place your sign on your job site

Too many owners fail to consistently ensure the signs make it up on the actual job sites. This is a waste of valuable leads. Take measures to ensure your contractors are placing the sign on the site, or hire a company like ourselves to place them for you in a timely manner. Use your signs!

When do I put a sign up in a job site? - OR - How soon should I put a sign on a job site?

 Place the sign on the job site once the job is sold

Even though you may not be getting that job done for weeks, place the sign immediately after the sale has been made. You may wonder if this will upset your customers, but in 99% of cases, there are no objections. To the small percentage of objectors, you can try this: “Well Mrs. Jones, we don’t have a heavy advertising budget, our signs on the job site is how we are able to keep our rate as good as it is, and we would like to let your neighbors know that we are coming soon. “ A sign is like a free hello page ad, so get that sign on the site right away. “You won’t get there for 4-5 weeks?” Our response is “great” That’s 4-5 weeks of free advertising!

How to maximize my investment on lawn signs?

Leave the sign there and “steal advertising days”

Don’t pay someone to pick up your sign. Some company owners actually do this. Instead, leave the sign there. This works well if you are using inexpensive signs, like our low cost signs. Leave the sign on the site and let the owner toss it. We’ve seen signs up for weeks still promoting well after the job was done.  Of course, you know your customer best so pick your battles.

How to know if my lawn signs generate new clients?

Measure your lawn sign campaign

Tracking the success of your lawn sign campaign can get tricky. Our most successful clients have their receptionist ask each new inquiry where they got their name. It is an easy solution and it usually helps to build rapport from the start.

Monitor the success of your signs!

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