Avenue Road Advertising (ARA)

Established in 1993, Avenue Road Advertising is a family run marketing company providing online & offline promotion and marketing campaigns for companies of all sizes.

After talking to many of our clients, we found that there was a real need for good website design and SEO companies that actually got results.

In the mid 2000’s we started to focus more on Web Design and SEO in Toronto.

So today at Avenue Road Advertising, or ARA as some of our clients like to call us,  we ensure that both online and offline marketing is done properly for our customers.

 -We help businesses to acquire a steady stream of clients with a

customized balance of Digital and Traditional Marketing-

Services Include:

Website Design

Search Engine Optimization

Online & Offline Marketing


Our Mission

To provide successful lead producing services to our clients.
To provide effective and affordable signage, printing and promotional items to our clients.

The ultimate goal is to help YOU generates leads that produce an excellent return on investment for your company.

Experience is everything and with over 20 years of promoting businesses all across Canada and the United States, there are many secret formulas we have to share with you when you partner with our team.

  • “I took the company over from my father back in 2009 and have since then tried numerous ways to grow the business through advertising. I have tried different venues such as flyers, the Yellow Pages, newspaper ads, working with different marketing companies, and none of them ever seemed particularly effective.

    ‘Then one day I met a successful tradesman and we started talking about marketing. I asked him how did he advertise and he mentioned that he uses a company called Avenue Road Advertising. So I looked into it and discovered that ARA was also promoted and marketed Avenue Road Roofing, which is one of the largest and most successful roofing companies out there. I remember seeing their trucks around the city when I was a kid.

    ‘I had several marketing companies that I was considering to hire to launch a new marketing campaign, and contacted each of them to get a quote. ARA was the only company that called me in for a face-to-face meeting and I was very impressed by their professionalism and how knowledgeable their staff was, in addition to their competitive pricing structure.

    ‘After assessing each of the marketing companies, I decided to go with ARA, which was the best move that I’ve made. I started getting a steady stream of calls and Charlene is always great at getting back to me right away, answering all questions, handling all requests and getting everything done on time. They are arguably the best marketing move I’ve made since I’ve taken over my father’s company! ARA’s return on investment is excellent in comparison to all of the other marketing that I’ve done in the past, which all ended up losing money.
    ‘I highly recommend Avenue Road Advertising and have no need to do any other marketing as they handle it all for me. As long as one is willing to do a great job at competitive prices, ARA will generate the customer leads.”

    Warren Lee President

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