Trades Marketing

If you are in the trades which consist of Construction, Transportation, Manufacturing and the Services and want many leads for you and your sales force, then look no further.

This blog is being written by the owner of Avenue Road Advertising. The same person who was the in house marketing manager for what is now one of the biggest roofing companies in Toronto.

When choosing your Internet Marketing Company, gravitate to the one that has the best statistics in lead generation. Don’t touch the lowest priced teams and definitely don’t use Yellow Pages for your advertising. I can explain if need be when we meet. Just by the statistics and experience.

Here are some of our stats:

  1. Last month we created over 600 leads for that same roofing company mentioned above. That’s 150 leads per week.
  2. Lee Sheds now dominates all over the internet and has sold many custom sheds since partnering with us.
  3. Daza Roofing has over 100 phrases on Page 1 of a Google Search in Alberta. One can easily find his website online.
  4. Lamer Roofing is dominating in rankings, leads and sales in the Durham region.
  5. Central Paving has over 800 online forms filled out from our website and SEO program.
  6. Asbestos Environmental Of Canada’s stats are out the roof! The owner called us to say that this was the first year he had lots of work during winter and didn’t need to lay anyone off. This is after a custom website was created by our team and then very aggressive SEO and Google Ad Words, conducted by following all of Google’s rules and successful actions.
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