Hiring an SEO Tips

Avoid Anyone That Emails Or Calls You To Tell You That They Can Get You On Page One

Ask page 1 on which specific phrases? Then ask, to see the stats of how many monthly searches that phrase or phrases get.

Anyone can get a non-competitive phrase on page 1. Also, one phrase on page 1 is not enough; you need over 50 phrases at least in most industries to get anywhere.

Anyone that emails “I can get you on page 1”, delete the email or hang up, they’re trying to dupe you.

Avoid SEO if you aren’t in it for the long term. A spot on page 1 of a Google Search has to be earned. Mr. Google won’t just give it to you. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work to get a popular search term on page 1. And remember one is not enough, 50 plus is required. Then they need to be maintained while other phrases are earned. So, only go into SEO for the long term and ideally never stop as you will have wasted phrases that are now getting good rankings for you.

Avoid overseas SEO companies. Google is a moving target and keeps changing the rules routinely. It takes time and training to keep up with their changes. Most of the overseas SEO “specialists” we piloted in the last 5 years made rankings worse and were not up to date with Google, even though they all said they were.

This leads to: “DON”T CHOOSE YOUR SEO COMPANY BY THE LOWEST PRICE.” This is one industry where the lowest price is not the law!

SEO is in reality, a series of trained technicians that are being paid well per hour and are constantly up to date with Google’s changes. Good SEOers are priceless.

The lowest price companies are the opposite of this and you run the risk of having your site blacklisted when you choose the lowest price “specialist” in this field.

Avoid guarantee promises. There are no guarantees online due to the enormous variables. When Google makes a major change, rankings tend to drop, so those companies trying to get your business with these “guarantees” are just trying to get you to nab the bait.

The good companies don’t need to use big words like guarantee so as to earn your business.

To have your website diagnosed to see if it is even in shape for SEO, inquire about our Free Website Analysis. That is step one before you touch SEO.

One needs to know if the engine is sound before one tries to win the race. Call us today at 416-461-1143 to get started.

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