tradeshow installationTradeshow Booth Installation at the Metro Toronto Convention Center


A tradeshow booth was fully set up recently by Avenue Road Advertising. Our client, the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, were proud to display their booth at CAN FIT show that occurred at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

Each year, Avenue Road Advertising installs the booth at every trade show the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition attends.

Trade show booths are a great advertising opportunity! Read on to find out more.

Bring your ideas to lifebanner stand

Thinking of promoting at an expo or special event? If you want a banner stand to promote at a trade show, we will provide you with high quality, beautiful banner stands. These are retractable banner stands, available in a wide range of sizes, from 24” wide to 59” wide; single-sided and double-sided. They can be stored and transported easily.

The best tradeshow booths are produced with the highest quality in terms of materials, as well as design. You get what you pay for: if you purchase a cheap banner stand, it may last you one or two trade shows. If you get a high quality banner stand, with proper care and storage, it should last you years. We provide you with custom tradeshow booth design.

Our goal is your satisfaction.

How does it all work?

Your booth and banner stand can be set up by ARA, making the whole trade show process as smooth and hassle-free for you as possible. When you arrive for the show, you are able to just sit down at the table and begin promoting.

Once the show ends, we take down the tradeshow booth displays in a timely manner, safely packing the booth panels for transportation and storage. As an additional service, we can store the booth, banner stands and materials for your show. Improperly packing the panels in the storage container can cause panels to bend, tear or cause loss or damage to the magnets. Sometimes staff of a company will not pay as close attention to the proper set-up and take down, resulting in damage to booths, costing businesses money to reprint or replace panels or entire booths. Proper packing will help ensure the booths last longer.

You can also have us print new fliers to hand out at each show and bring them to put on the display. Wondering where to print flyers? Call us today: (416) 461-1143.

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Do you need flyer printing, promotional handouts, bags, and much more? Contact us today for all of your promotional needs.

Call today: (416) 461-1143 or send a message here. Check out the trade show booth section for more information.

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