drcyrus.comDr. Cyrus is a seasoned dentist with a well-known dentistry clinic serving patients in Scarborough and the GTA. The clinic is committed to offer top quality service at affordable rates. Dr. Cyrus is able to compete in the industry given his diverse team of professionals serving the multicultural community in the GTA.

The Challenge

Dr. Cyrus heard about the potential offered by Google Adwords and decided to give it a chance. However, he quickly realized a top performing campaign required more time and effort than he had initially planned for. In addition, he discovered other dentists were using agencies offering professional Google Adwords management services to optimize their campaigns. Being the professional he is, Dr. Cyrus recognized he needed help if he were to capitalize from a PPC campaign. In addition, he was operating under a controlled advertising budget.

The Results

  • Dramatic traffic increase compared to previous period.
  • Budget maximization.
  • Successful Google Adwords campaign with immediate results.

The Goals

  • Nothing but a Positive Return on Investment.

  • Generate only localized customers.

  • More visits to his clinic.

  • Measure campaign.

The Solution


  • Geo-targeted campaign.
  • Device-targeted campaign.


  • Recommended budget levels to deliver on results.
  • Keyword strategy focused on purchasing behaviour.


  • Tracking calls from Google Adwords campaign and campaign monitoring in Google Analytics.
  • Simple reporting and ongoing campaign refinement.


  • Created powerful landing service pages.
  • Used advanced persuasive strategies in all Google Ads.


The campaign generated 549 qualified visits to Dr. Cyrus website, taking Paid traffic to 13.9% of all traffic compared to only 0.23% generated in the previous period of four months.


The campaign produced:



10.22% more organic traffic was generated by the landing pages created for the Google Adwords campaign. This technique allowed for decreasing Pay Per Click cost while increasing Google ads quality score.

Moving Forward

Dr. Cyrus’ return on investment from his Google Adwords campaign was positive and allowed him to set apart a budget to build an even more aggressive online campaign. He started using our Search Engine Optimization campaign management services to scale the size of his clinic.