About Google Algorithm Update 2015

So the next few newsletters I’ll be sharing with you some valuable data to help with your online marketing; not from 3rd party research or ” I heard data” which is common, but information directly from Google.


20% of our time is being spent now on mobile devices. While at Google’s headquarters we were asked if anyone in the room had not done a search on their phones that day. We looked around and no one put up their hand.

Any websites, as of today, that are not responsive to mobile devices will lose some rankings. This means, if one has to go to your website via their mobile phone or ipad, and have to pinch and expand with their hand to read the information, your website isn’t mobile responsive. Thus you will likely see less traffic from mobile searches, resulting in lower conversion rates on your website.  This will unfortunately result in lost leads and sales and it will effect your overall SEO strategy (if you have one).

Why is Google Doing This?

Over 50% of searches today are done through mobile devices.  With more and more of your potential customer’s using this form of search, Google wants to improve the user experience and will give preferential treatment to those websites that are mobile responsive.

The Solution 

According to Google, 93% of websites need to be redeveloped for mobile devices if you want your internet marketing to be effective.

Call us or email us today for a free website analysis and quotation to see if  your site needs to be made mobile responsive. At the same time (and for free) we can scan and see how the overall site is performing.

Louie Pateropoulos

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